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An explanation of the units in the Teachers package.

Unit 2 The Onset of War Lesson plan - Taking Sides.

This unit is about the onset of the War of 1812, and begins with a lesson called Taking Sides. In this exercise the class is broken into groups and assigned a geographical area and people, to discuss the pros and cons of having a war. This allows students to reinforce what has been learned from the previous unit and apply the causes of the war' to the situation in 1812.

The materials provided on our web page begin with a broader political context for events in 1812, and is followed by information about Natives, Blacks, Settlers (militia) and some information about Niagara and Fort George.

The web pages continue with the declaration of war and some of the facts surrounding it, and is followed by a time line of events for the year 1812, charts of command structure (so when you see a name you can place it in a hierarchical structure) and charts of land and naval battles. These charts are designed to give an overview of raids and battles, who won them and in what region of Upper Canada they occurred. (the time line fills out the information about the event). If you wish, you may chose to isolate events in the Niagara region, and by following the centre column of the charts you see specifically what happened in this area. The charts are a handy reference tool and as such they have been included in each unit. The unit concludes with some biographical material on some of the significant figures of the 1812 calendar year.

Table of Contents for Teachers' Package - Paragraph headings

The Onset of War (1812)
Lesson Plan - Taking Sides
Overall objectives.Concepts and Skills
Some possible ways of proceeding - Taking Sides.- group work
Chart *
1812 Unit Questions *
1812 Unit Quiz- mix and match **All questions, quizzes and charts have keys.

Materials on the Web page and on the C.D.Rom
The Onset of War -The 1812 Campaign Defending Upper Canada
Map - Military and naval establishments of the Great Lakes System
Natives Grand River Western Tribes
Map - Principal Aboriginal Nations that participated in the War of 1812
Black Soldiers on the Niagara frontier Militia and Fencibles Niagara Fort George prepares for war
Map - Plan of the English Fort George The Declaration of War

1812 Time line
Map - The Campaign of 1812
Map - Battles in the Niagara region 1812

1. Some prominent figures of the British Command Structure in the year 1812
2. Some prominent figures of the American Command Structure in 1812
3. 1812 Land Actions4. Naval Campaigns 1812

Major General Sir Isaac Brock
Major General Henry Dearborn
Sir George Prevost
Major General Roger Hale