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Bellevue House National Historic Site of Canada

Bellevue House Quiz - Answers

Visitor Centre

1) In what year was Sir John A. Macdonald born? 1815

2) What does the A. in his name stand for? Alexander

3) Sir John A. Macdonald was married two times. What were the names of his two wives?

1) Isabella Macdonald (Clark)
2) Susan Agnes Macdonald (Bernard)

4) How many children did he have?
Name them: John Alexander, Hugh John, Margaret Mary Theodora

5) True or False:
1) Sir John A. Macdonald started his law studies at age 15 (True)
2) He continued with his career as a lawyer while he was getting his political career started (True)

6) About what year did he start his public life (as a politician)? 1840
True or False:
1) At this time, he immediately became a member of parliament (False)
2) He started by becoming an Alderman for the City of Kingston (True)

7) In what year did he become a member of the Legislative Assembly for the Province of Canada? 1844

8) In what year did Sir John A. Macdonald die? 1891
How old would that make him when he died? 76

The House

1) What architectural style does Bellevue House demonstrate? Italianate Villa style
Was this house considered to be typical of Kingston houses in the 1840's? No

2) How many levels are there in the house? 7
How many rooms are there in the house? 17
Which is the biggest? T he Drawing Room
Which is the smallest? The storage closet

3) Name two pieces of furniture in this house that you wouldn't find in your house:

4) Why did Sir John A. Macdonald have his own room at Bellevue House? His wife Isabella was sick and slept in her own room downstairs.

5) Which piece of furniture came with Sir John A. Macdonald's family from Scotland in 1820? The cradle

6) Name three things in the house that show that Sir John A. Macdonald was an educated man:

7) Name three things found in the Bellevue House kitchen that you wouldn't find in your kitchen:

8) What two types of servants did the Macdonalds employ at Bellevue House? Maid, cook

9) What device did the servants use to iron the bigger pieces of laundry? The box mangle

Bonus Questions:

1) Which room was the most interesting for you and why?

2) Would you have liked to live at Bellevue House? Why or why not?

3) Did the Macdonalds eat a lot of things that came from their garden? What would be one reason for this? Yes. It took quite some effort to get to the market in town.

4) Sir John A. Macdonald was important enough to be recognized on Canada's money. Which bill has his face on it? 10 dollar bill

5) Draw either Sir John A. Macdonald or Bellevue House on the back of this sheet.