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Bellevue House National Historic Site of Canada



1. Who was John A. Macdonald's Minister of Justice in 1885?
4. Who's land was Louis Riel trying to secure in the Red River Rebellion?
6. What did John A. and his second wife name their daughter?
7. Who succeeded Macdonald as Prime Minister of Canada?
8. What was the name of John A.'s first wife?
11. What did Macdonald and his wife name their son?
14. Who was Macdonald's most important ally in Canada East?
15. Who was the last survivor of the original Fathers of Confederation?
17. What was John A.'s mother's name?
18. Who was Macdonald's Minister of Customs during the years of the National Policy?


2. Which province was created as a result of the Red River Rebellion?
3. What title was given to John A. in the same year as Confederation?
4. What member of the Great Coalition was assassinated?
5. Who abruptly voted against Macdonald at the time of the Pacific Scandal?
7. What business man landed Macdonald in political hot water over the national railway contract?
9. What was John A.'s second wife's name?
10. Which of Macdonald's enemies joined him in the Great Coalition?
12. Who supervised the last years of the CPR's construction? Van _____
13. Who was Macdonald's second law student?
16. Who was Macdonald's first law student, and later, his political enemy?


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