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Bellevue House National Historic Site of Canada

School Visit Evaluation Form



Date of Visit:


It would be of great help to our ever-evolving educational program at Bellevue House if you and your class could answer the following questions about your visit to our site. Please forward your comments to us by mail or by FAX at (613) 545-8721.

Use the other side of the sheet if necessary and fax us both sides:

  1. Did you feel that your guide communicated the subject matter in ways that were appropriate to the needs of your class? Please indicate any ways in which we could improve.

  2. Did you feel that the presentations were enjoyable for your class, as well as informative? Please suggest any ways we could enrich the experience.

  3. Did you feel that our activities were ones that made good use of the unique facilities and resources that Bellevue House has to offer? What could we have done differently?

  4. Would you say that your visit to Bellevue House offered a significant experience that could not be duplicated in the classroom? What more could we have done?

  5. Other comments or suggestions that came up in your discussion?