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Transcript for Louisbourg300 - Let Us Take You Back in Time

Standard Parks Canada introductory sequence with upbeat indie folk rock music

Children (animators and visitors) dance in a circle on the quay in Louisbourg

Two boys try on costumes from a trunk in the barracks

A visitor gets a lesson in upper-class dancing

The same visitor kayaks in front of the Frederic Gate

A visitor tries stand-up paddleboarding

Another visitor tries her hand at archaeology

A smiling animator walks through the streets of Louisbourg

A visitor views the Fortress of Louisbourg through binoculars from the Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail

A visitor laughs with an animator building a boat

A father carries his daughter on his shoulders while they experience the Explora program on the Ruins Walk

A boy talks with a soldier as he fills out information in his Xplorers Club booklet

The same boy points toward the Dauphin Gate

A visitor watches a cannon demonstration

The cannon fires, and the video freeze-frames

The video turns to black and white and rewinds quickly through the first Louisbourg300 video

On-screen text:


Let us take you back in time


To where it all began

An aerial shot of the Fortress, approaching the Frederic Gate

An animator lights a fire using birch bark

Drummers march along Rue Toulouse

Two men pull a cart along the quay

A group of animators leave a building on the quay

A musician plays a guitar in the tavern

Children (animators and visitors) dance in a circle in front of the tavern on the quay and shout:

"Vive le roi!"

Animation: Louisbourg300

On-screen text:

Thanks to: Rising Tide Expeditions

Standard Parks Canada closing sequence

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