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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Learning Experiences

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

School Programs 2016

May 23 to June 30 and September 6 to October 10, 2016

Program Options:

  1. Guided Tour
    A personalized tour with a Parks Canada guide to learn about the history of Louisbourg and its connections to the history of Caanda.
    45 minutes

  2. Guided Tour and Treasure Hunt
    Your group follows a personalized tour of the site with a Parks Canada guide and then explores the site on an 18th century treasure hunt.  Who in your group will be the first to solve the mysteries?
    1 hour

  3. Costume Challenge
    Grades 4 to 9
    Learn about 18th century clothes.  After a fun tutorial on clothing parts and pieces, the class will be challenged to properly dress one of their classmates from head to toe in 18th century attire. 
    30 minutes

  4. Name That Thing 
    Maximum of 40 students per group
    This hands-on exploration gives students a fun opportunity to handle everyday objects from the past and to guess what they are and what they were used for. You'll be surprised at the interesting and useful things that people used in the old days.
    30 minutes

  5. Open Hearth Cookery: Soldier's Bread
    Grades 5 and up
    Maximum 20 students per group

    Bread was the main part of a soldier’s ration. Students can watch how bread is toasted over a real fireplace, 18th-century style, and then top a piece with molasses or sugar to make their own delectable treat.
    30 minutes

  6. New Recruit and Secret Mission
    Maximum of 20 students per group
    Your group will listen to a soldier talk about life in the army in the 18th century and then practise marching and musket drill as a new recruit. They will then follow this up by solving the clues to complete a “secret mission.”
    1 hour

Entrance and Program Fees:

Entrance: $2.15 per student
Entrance and one program: $3.15 per student

In addition to the $3.15 fee, a second program can be purchased for the price of:

  • $2.40 per student for Program 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • $3.90 per student for Program 5 or 6

Also available (for free):

  • Explora: This free app directs you along a self-guided tour and notifies you of different points of interest. Through videos, sounds, photos, quizzes and text, you will hold in the palm of your hand the stories of Louisbourg.

    Two tours are available. One tour takes you through the reconstructed town, and the other takes you through the "rest of Louisbourg" and its actual remains.

  • Geocaching: The Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site is pleased to offer numerous geocaches hiding in and around the nooks and crannies of this 18th century fortified town. Hunt for caches and learn fascinating facts about Louisbourg. To find out more about our Geocaching program, visit our web site.

Exhibit buildings are open. Costumed interpretation available only with Programs 3 to 6.