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Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada

Xplorers Program

Xplorers © Parks Canada/C. Reardon

Want to become a Halifax Citadel Xplorer?

Calling all kids...check out the NEW Parks Canada Xplorers Program.

It’s a fun new way for kids ages 6-11 to explore the historic British fort – try on a 78th Highlanders jacket and see how long you can stand as a sentry; play hide and seek in the Citadel’s ditch surrounding the fort; or find the gunpowder and see the noon-day cannon fired - it’s a blast from the past!

Complete at least 5 activities in the booklet and become an official Halifax Citadel Xplorer with a certificate and a special limited edition souvenir! The program is FREE with regular admission.

Parks Canada’s Xplorers Program is your chance to discover the Halifax Citadel in a whole new way – try it out, imagine, and have fun!

Xplorers activities vary from one location to another and so does the souvenir, so make plans to visit other Parks Canada sites including Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site. Check out the 40+ Parks Canada sites offering this new kids adventure program.