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Grand Pré National Historic Site of Canada


Kids holding hands with statues 

Enter a world of vibrant Acadian culture and thoughtful historic memorial. Celebrate the rich traditions of l’Acadie over two fun-filled days of lectures, food, music, activities and discovery. View the landscape of Grand-Pré and contemplate the past at a variety of significant sites. Immerse in a guided exploration of the Acadians’ tragic upheaval during the 18th century. This is Grand-Pré National Historic Site—l’Acadie brought to life.

Featured Activities

Aerial view of large crowd near the Memorial Church 
Acadian Days brings together the best of l’Acadie—a weekend of music, food, speaking engagements and fun
Celebrate rich Acadian culture over two exciting days. Uncover vital heritage through engaging speaking events. Taste sumptuous food; dance to live music; admire artwork. Immerse in l’Acadie.
Image of Landscape of Grand-Pré 

Uncover an Acadian story within the stunning landscape of a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Vast marshland, historic dykes and agricultural fields hint at the Acadian story hidden within Landscape of Grand-Pré—discover the human achievement and heartrending history behind this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An interpreter talks to visitors near the well 

A guided Grand-Pré tour delves deep into the chronicle of an Acadian epicentre
The statue of Evangeline evokes emotion. The Memorial Church houses a brilliant art display. A bronze cross memorializes a tragedy. And a picturesque landscape exudes serenity. Immerse in a guided journey through the story of l’Acadie.

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