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Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada


White Glove Tour

White Glove Tour

Get up close and personal with history! The White Glove Tour is a unique, behind-the-scenes tour where participants get a hands-on experience with some of Alexander Graham Bell's own personal mementos. With a guide leading your experience, you will be taken to one of the site's artefact storage rooms. Here, you will be introduced to the collection and invited to hold a selection of Bell's artefacts, including one of his walking sticks and notebooks. You will also be invited to open storage cabinets and pull back the curtains protecting a wide variety of artefacts. As more collection areas are opened up for the White Glove Tour, each visit to the site promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience with new discoveries at every turn!

Silver Dart

Silver Dart Replica

We are excited to announce our latest acquisition: a full-scale replica of the Silver Dart!
The full-scale replica was built by the Aerial Experiment Association 2005 in commemoration of the original's 1909 flight—the first powered, controlled airplane flight in Canada. The replica was flown by former astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason across Baddeck Bay in February 2009; now it flies high over the full-scale replica of Bell's HD-4 hydrofoil! Come see it for yourself on your next visit to the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site.

Parks Canada Xplorers

Parks Canada Xplorers

Catch the wind, design a kite like Alec's, try out a rotary dial telephone, check out Alec's no phone zone and talking hand and, when you get home, make a batch of his bubbly brew – Xplore his fun and awesome ideas.

A great way for kids ages 6-11 to explore Canada's natural and historic treasures!

Fabrication des cerfs-volants / Kite-making
Kite-making Workshop
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Make, decorate and fly a kite that's yours to keep in our kite-making program.


Don't miss the "Discover" area, where children and families can enjoy hands-on activities, puzzles and more at their leisure.

Look for the "Big Book"—a book so big it's mounted on the wall! Written and illustrated by children, it tells the story of Dr. Bell's life and work and is sure to be one of the most delightful books you'll ever read.