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Fort Anne National Historic Site of Canada

Virtual Tour - continued

Two girls walking along the perimeter trail Walking the perimeter trail
© Parks Canada/A. Rierden

Since we don't have a helicopter, perhaps the best way to see the earthworks is to walk around the perimeter trail that circles the fort. Not only can we see the extent of the grounds, but there is an excellent view of the Annapolis River and basin all the way to Digby, approximately 30 kms away.

Gravestones of the cemetery at Fort Anne Gravestones of the cemetery at Fort Anne 
© Parks Canada/A. Rierden

As we follow the perimeter trail we come to the Fort Anne cemetery. This cemetery, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste cemetery, served the Acadian community and also served as the burial ground for the French military forces here. It was also used during the British period; it served both the military and parish of St. Lukes. We must take the time to wander through the cemetery to see the tombstones still in place. The earliest is from 1720. As we look at more and more recent tombstones we can see the art change from the dramatic depictions of winged skulls, to weeping willow trees to the more familiar angels of today.

Of course, if you come to Fort Anne National Historic Site, you will see much more than the above tour. Four hundred years of history has left many tangible traces here at the site and in Annapolis Royal.