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Fort Edward National Historic Site of Canada


Cannons and flag at Fort Edward National Historic Site

Step inside a historic military blockhouse from the mid-1700s, where creaking floorboards, original graffiti and musket slits in the walls evoke the lives of soldiers once stationed here. Take a stroll along the grassy earthworks – the scene of conflict in the tumultuous 18th century. The struggle for control of North America during the age of empire still resonates at Fort Edward National Historic Site.

Featured Activities

Family enjoying a picnic on the grounds at Fort Edward.
Picnic and Stroll through Centuries of History
The historic earthworks of Fort Edward make for a relaxing afternoon of exploring. Picnic on a scenic hilltop, walk the perimeter trail, then duck into the nearly 300-year-old blockhouse to see where soldiers were stationed in the 1700s.