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Ryan Premises National Historic Site of Canada



Visit the restored, traditional wooden buildings of the Ryan Premises, meet with knowledgeable interpreters, learn hands-on techniques for catching and “making” cod, and immerse yourself in the "Cod, Seals and Survivors" multi-media exhibit. Explore on your own or download Parks Canada’s official guided tour app, Explora. Stroll along the harbour and through picture-perfect Bonavista, chatting with local residents about their historic town and its proud past as a centre of Newfoundland and Labrador’s salt fish and sealing industries.

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Cod, Seals and Survivors
"Cod, Seals and Survivors", an Award-Winning Multi-Media Exhibit
Step back into the days of the international cod trade with the Ryan Premises’ extensive feature exhibit, “Cod, Seals and Survivors", an award-winning multi-media experience unfolding in two heritage buildings.

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