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Saint Croix Island International Historic Site

2004 Commemoration

The year 2004 marked the 400 th anniversary of the beginnings of the first permanent French settlement in North America.

On June 26, 1604, Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons founded a settlement on Saint Croix Island, located close to the borders of Maine and New Brunswick. The following year, in 1605, Port Royal was founded and in 1608, Québec was founded.

1604 marks the first initiative that paved the way for the settlement of Europeans, and in particular the French, in North America and established French culture with the generations that followed. There are now over 16 million North Americans with French roots, of whom more than 8 million still have French as their mother tongue.

In 2004, Bayside New Brunswick was the hub of celebrations marking this 400 th anniversary. These celebrations emphasised the importance of the arrival of the first French settlers in North America and also commemorated the invaluable contribution the First Nations made to their survival.