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Saint Croix Island International Historic Site

Self-guided Interpretive Trail

Take the opportunity to visit the self-guided interpretive trail and discover what inspired the French to come to Acadie, who they meet, how they set up their establishment, Champlain's description of the effects of scurvy on the residents of the island during the winter of 1604, etc. Follow the path to discover these answers and much more.


The Saint Croix Island International Historic Site overlooks the Saint Croix River and is a beautiful spot to stop and rest for a while. Take advantage of the site to have a picnic and view the Island.

In the Area

The local areas of St. Stephen and St. Andrews offer you a variety of museums and historic sites, recreational opportunities, restaurants, shops, and accommodations.

Information is available at local tourist information centres. Visit the visitors' centres at St. Stephen, 5 King Street and at St. Andrews, 46 Reed Avenue for more information.