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York Factory National Historic Site


York Factory National Historic Site © Parks Canada

York Factory offers a unique opportunity to experience the Hudson’s Bay Company’s early fur trading days in the heart of the remote subarctic wilderness. Explore the grounds on your own, walking wooden boardwalks, re-living life in the bustling post as it once was according to images on interpretive displays, and feel the passing of centuries on the endless tundra where the grand wooden depot building is an unforgettable, artifact-filled ark.

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Self-Guided Tours
A busy Hudson’s Bay Company fur trade headquarters for 273 years, York Factory’s grounds and Depot with its wealth of relics and stories offers a compelling self-guided immersion into an iconic period in Canada’s history.
Loaded with maps, pictures, quizzes, and lots of interesting information about the rich history of York Factory, the Explora app allows you to explore York Factory at your own pace.

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York Factory National Historic Site
Adventure at the Edge of the Arctic!
Five days of exploration await you in Wapusk National Park, York Factory, and Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Sites. Here the natural world and the human world are intertwined.

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