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Riel House National Historic Site of Canada

Cultural Heritage

Métis buffalo hunting Métis buffalo hunting
© Provincial Archives of Manitoba

The Métis

The term Métis has its origins in the Latin word 'mixticius' which means a person of mixed racial ancestry. Métis, however, describes more than race–it refers to a culture and a nation that played a significant role in the history of the Canadian West and is now a proud part of the Canadian mosaic.
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Louis Riel Louis Riel
© Provincial Archives of Manitoba

Historic Themes

Riel House National Historic Site of Canada is of national historic significance because of its association with Louis Riel, a person of national historic significance and is the place of commemoration for Métis river lots, a form of prairie settlement.
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Riel House National Historic Site was occupied by the Riel family until 1969. Parks Canada purchased the property in 1970 and restored it to its 1886 appearance.
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