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Riel House National Historic Site


Riel House National Historic Site

Hear tales of Louis Riel’s life and his struggle to defend Métis rights in a rapidly changing world. Discover a house in mourning and a way of life both traditional and evolving. Explore deeper with a self-guided tour and by reading the interpretive panels. Learn how Manitoba came to be a province and have fun playing a variety of traditional family games.

Featured Activities

Interpretive activities
Through funding from the Manitoba Metis Federation, the Louis Riel Institute offers school tours (May and June) and interpretive programming (July and August) at Riel House for the 2016 season.

The Xplorers program (designed for children 6 to 11 years old) is packed full of exciting activities, fun facts and interesting ways to discover Riel House National Historic Site.


Find your red chair moment
Discover the red chairs at Riel House – an ideal spot to reflect upon the life and works of Louis Riel, Métis leader and a founder of Manitoba.

Explora: A GPS-triggered guided tour of Riel House
This fun tour will take you around the once-rural grounds of Riel House National Historic Site, where you will discover Louis Riel – his ethnic background, spiritual principles and family history, and influences that made him a leader of the Métis people of mixed French and Aboriginal culture.

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