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Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site of Canada

Visitor Safety

You are in Polar Bear Country

An encounter with a polar bear is possible year-round, with a higher probability of encounters from July 1 - December 1.

Cape Merry Battery is located 1.5 km by road north of the town of Churchill. Walking to Cape Merry Battery is not recommended due to the likelihood of encountering a polar bear.

Prince of Wales Fort and Sloop Cove, situated across the Churchill River, are accessible by boat or helicopter.

Whether at Prince of Wales Fort, Sloop Cove, or Cape Merry Battery, visitors are advised to book a guided tour with Parks Canada or a local tour operator because of the dangers posed by polar bears in the region. Guided tours are accompanied by bear monitors to ensure visitor safety.


Weather conditions are unpredictable at Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site. Be sure to take warm clothing, rain gear, and bug repellent.

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