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Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site of Canada

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Parks Canada Visitor Centre in Churchill Parks Canada Visitor Centre in Churchill
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Parks Canada Visitor Centre at the Churchill Heritage Railway Station
Exhibits, information and audio-visual presentations on the history of the fur trade and exploration of human and natural history. Information and on-site interpretation of Prince of Wales Fort, Cape Merry Battery, Sloop Cove, York Factory, and Wapusk National Park.

Wapusk National Park
Located in northern Manitoba, Wapusk (the Cree word for "white bear") is a fitting name as the park protects one of the world's largest known polar bear maternity denning areas.

The Eskimo Museum
Run by the Diocese of Hudson Bay, this Inuit museum is world-renowned. The museum has one of the finest collections of Inuit carvings and artefacts dating from Pre-Dorset, Dorset, Thule and modern Inuit times.

Call 204-675-2030 for hours of operation.


There are ramps, partial boardwalks, a viewing scope, a viewing platform, and accessible privies at Cape Merry Battery and Prince of Wales Fort. For those with mobility issues, please contact us for further information and to make any arrangements for your visit to Prince of Wales Fort.  

The Parks Canada Visitor Centre at the Heritage Railway Station in Churchill is accessible.

Large photo and text albums, available at the Visitor Centre in Churchill, show all the Parks Canada sites.

Most Churchill hotels are wheelchair accessible.

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Commercial Services

Several tour operators in Churchill provide services for all types of experiences. Consider flora and/or fauna tours combined with national historic site visits. Birding is exceptional in this area and Churchill is known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World".

Camping is not permitted due to the possibility of polar bear presence.

For a list of local accommodations, shops, restaurants and commercial tours that are available in Churchill, contact the following:

Town of Churchill
P.O Box 479
Churchill, Manitoba
R0B 0E0
Telephone: 204-675-8871
Fax: 204-675-2934

Churchill Chamber of Commerce
P.O Box 176
Churchill, Manitoba
R0B 0E0
Telephone: 204-675-2022
Toll free: 1-888-389-2327

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Contact Parks Canada for a full list in advance or check with us at the Visitor Centre upon your arrival.