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Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site of Canada

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Prince of Wales Fort! Enter the five main areas of the Fort and learn more through 360o panoramas, videos and photos.

In 1731, the Hudson’s Bay Company began building Prince of Wales Fort at the site of an existing Aboriginal trade hub, not far from the present day community of Churchill, Manitoba. The Fort played a significant role in the developing fur trade and the lives of its Aboriginal and European participants. The massive efforts and sacrifice to build the Fort resulted in fewer than 50 years of operation. In 1782, the English surrendered the Fort to the French in the ongoing rivalry between the two countries for control of North America. Over a period of three days (August 8 to 11, 1782) the French carried out their orders to destroy Prince of Wales Fort to the best of their abilities, managing to seriously damage it during their brief stay. While the Hudson's Bay Company returned to the Churchill River in 1783, the Fort was never reoccupied.

The scaffolding and other equipment that can be seen in the photographs of some areas of the Fort are part of the Prince of Wales Fort Wall Stabilization Project which was completed in 2012. Parks Canada led a multidisciplinary team of stone masons, archaeologists and engineers to repair the damage caused by 250 years of water freezing and thawing within the rubble interior of the walls. Traditional methods, tools and materials were used to ensure historical accuracy. Parks Canada is working to preserve Prince of Wales Fort for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

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