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Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site

Archaeology Blog 2014
Unlocking the Secrets of the Fort

Unlocking the Secrets of the Fort

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Parks Canada is providing the public an opportunity to work side by side with its archaeologists at Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site between July 31 and August 14, 2014.

Prince of Wales Fort was built and occupied by the Hudson’s Bay Company between 1731 and 1782. Located at the mouth of the Churchill River and Hudson Bay, it served as a trading post but was built for defensive purposes during the French and English rivalry for control of the territory.

Archaeologists have been excavating on the ramparts of this 18th century fort as part of a wall stabilization project. The ramparts are a time capsule with artifacts reflecting the daily activities of the labourers, tradesmen, traders and officers who lived and worked here.

Join us in our discoveries through this online blog of the day’s adventures!

- The Prince of Wales Fort Archaeology Crew

Day 17: August 14, 2014, Thursday
Parks Canada Archaeology Program Makes “Dreams Come True”  

Day 16: August 13, 2014, Wednesday
Who, What, Where, When...?  

Day 15: August 12, 2014, Tuesday
Greywacke Stone Feature 

Day 14: August 11, 2014, Monday
Neither Rain nor Wind nor Bears... will keep the archaeologists from the fort

Day 13: August 10, 2014, Sunday
The Different Faces of the Archaeology Day Program Participants

Day 12: August 9, 2014, Saturday
A “Wale” of a Commute

Day 11: August 8, 2014, Friday
Ships and Cannons, It’s the Anniversary of the French Arrival at the Fort

Day 10: August 7, 2014, Thursday
Many Hands Make Light Work!

Day 9: August 6, 2014, Wednesday
War against Bugs: Bulldogs - 1. Archies - 2. Saved by our discoveries!

Day 8: August 5, 2014, Tuesday
Farewell to our new crew members... we dig digging with you!

Day 7: August 4, 2014, Monday
Eagle-eyes… Eagles and archaeologists at Prince of Wales Fort  

Day 6: August 3, 2014, Sunday
The Bear Facts... Archaeology at Prince of Wales Fort

Day 5: August 2, 2014, Saturday 
Artifacts, artifacts, artifacts... and the processing begins!

Day 4: August 1, 2014, Friday
Beads, Bottles and Gun Flints 

Day 3: July 31, 2014, Thursday 
Digging In and Getting Ready for New Crew Members

Day 2: July 30, 2014, Wednesday
Building Part of Our History

Day 1: July 29, 2014, Tuesday 
Flight to Churchill, Manitoba: $500, trowel $17, archaeology at Prince of Wales Fort: priceless