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Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site of Canada

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site © Parks Canada
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ACTIVITY: Math Problems

Math Problems
  • Mr. Davis, the storekeeper, sold 5 top hats and 9 tin cups today. How many items did he sell today?
  • Lower Fort Garry stores 46 beaver pelts in the Fur Loft and 75 in the Warehouse. How many beaver pelts does the fort have?
  • Mrs. Colvile, the Governor's wife, decided to take 5 dresses with her on a trip to Upper Fort Garry. She owns 12 dresses in total. How many dresses did she leave behind?
  • Mr. Lane told the Blacksmith's to make 22 horseshoes today. After 6 hours they made 15. How many horseshoes do they have left to make?
  • Mrs. Spence bought 3 meters of fabric. Mrs. Badger bought 3 times as much fabric as Mrs. Spence. How many meters did Mrs. Badger buy?
  • The store sells candles in packages of 8. Mr. Black, the Chief Trader, bought 4 packages. How many candles did he buy?
  • Mr. Lillie, the farm manager, had 68 potatoes to split between 4 people. How many potatoes should each person get?
  • Mrs. Monkman made 32 beaded bracelets. She wants to give each of her 8 grandchildren an equal amount of bracelets. How many should each grandchild receive?