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Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site of Canada

New Summer Programmes

Vintage Upload Vintage Upload
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Back to the Future

It’s a blast from the past as some of your favourite modern items are paired up with their 1850s counterparts.

Vintage Upload

Get dolled up with some very vintage threads from our 1850s Tickle Trunk. Then take a very modern selfie and share it.

Fun and Games

Challenge your foes (or friends) at draughts, checkers or happy families. Then up the ante as you race hoops across the Big House lawn or swing the croquet mallet.

Let’s Make a Deal!

It’s your first day on the job with the Hudson’s Bay Company. Take your wages to the sales shop and see if you’ll be dining on fine China or a sturdy plate of tin.


Step into the parlour and into the 1850s where the Big House is humming. Meet the scullery maid then shake hands with the Governor and find out the latest gossip at the Fort.

Beavers to Buicks—a Place of Firsts*

This interactive, hands-on tour takes you on a journey of this site of firsts. Through artifacts and anecdotes, you become a link to the past and a human timeline.

*Additional fees apply