Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site of Canada


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Friends of Lower Fort Garry

The Friends of Lower Fort Garry, a non-profit charitable organization, was established in 1985 by community volunteers to supplement and enhance programs at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site. Since then the organization has grown both in membership and variety of activities, to include volunteer opportunities for all heritage-minded individuals.

The mandate of the Friends of Lower Fort Garry is the preservation of the historic site by educating the public about the heritage value of the fort. It is happy to offer opportunities in costuming, song and dance, children's day camp activities, workshops, social events and other heritage activities.

An important aspect of the organization’s program is the management of a period gift shop that contributes to the organization's financial self-sufficiency. Using seasonal student employees and volunteers of all ages, the association offers services on-site to the visiting public.

The Friends of Lower Fort Garry is dedicated to the idea of community involvement in what is essentially a community asset. Though Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site is managed by a federal government department, it contributes a large part of the enthusiasm and manpower that supports the fort and its place in Canadian heritage. Join our programs and activitiesyou will be well rewarded with personal enjoyment and the satisfaction of supporting a world-class heritage site.

To learn more about the Friends of Lower Fort Garry, please visit their website: http://www.friendsoflowerfortgarry.com