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The Forks National Historic Site


A bird’s-eye view of the Variety Heritage Adventure Park © Parks Canada

Kids will love to let their imaginations run wild in the Variety Heritage Adventure Park, sliding and splashing through 6,000 years of history along the way.

Come sunshine or snow, there’s always something to enjoy—tap your toes at a free concert or skate the frozen river trails.

Featured Activities

Guided Tours
6,000 Years in 60 Minutes!
Discover The Forks' hidden history! Take a 6,000-year journey with a Parks Canada interpreter and uncover what lies beneath your feet.
Variety Heritage Adventure Park
Variety Heritage Adventure Park
Calling all children! Come imagine, explore, and most of all enjoy!
The Forks Top 10
The Forks Top 10
Discover 10 of the most interesting spots at The Forks!
School Programs
Discover The Forks' hidden history!
Enjoy all The Forks has to offer on your own or with family and friends.

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