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Fort St. James National Historic Site


Volunteering & Team Building

Volunteering at Fort St. James NHS is a rewarding experience! 
Volunteering at Fort St. James is a rewarding experience!
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Become a Park's Ambassador for Parks Canada Fort St. James National Historic Site

Staff from Fort St. James National Historic Site (the historic park!) will be visiting Prince George, BC quite often as we continue to expand our community and outreach programming. We’re trying to let people in Prince George and the surrounding region know a bit more about who we are, what we do and what we have to offer visitors to our historic site. Fort St. James National Historic Site is a short two-hour drive from Prince George and is one of the area’s premier historic attractions. Suitable for families and visitors of all ages, we have a great history of stories to share with roughly 11,000 visitors a year.

Looking for Park Ambassadors

Fort St. James National Historic Site is always looking for volunteers available on an “on-call” basis for helping us reach our local residents in central interior BC. These volunteers will be helping us at special events, education programs and public presentation opportunities throughout the city of Prince George and will be asked to help out with some duties such as:
  • Assist with educating the public about Fort St James National Historic Site and Parks Canada sites
  • Assist with setting up and tearing down of booths, educational displays, behind the scenes planning and consulting
  • Providing feedback, ideas and advice to Parks Canada staff about good ways to approach BC residents and encourage them to visit our historic site
  • Projects can be self directed and created, any concept which helps educate and inform potential visitors about our historic site and our historic messages is appreciated and possible.
Volunteers in Fort St. James NHS 
Volunteers in Fort St. James NHS 
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There is no minimum requirement for hours, but we do request that volunteers only commit to what they can do comfortably and without personal conflict.

We also need volunteers to help us with our behind the scenes work as well.

At locations to be determined. Most events taking place that require assistance would take place within the Prince George, Vanderhoof, Fraser Lake and Fort St. James areas.

Volunteers are needed year round, but mostly during the peak operating spring and summer months. Winter events are also where our volunteers make programs possible

We need people who know Prince George area and history to help connect people with their past and encourage them to visit our historic site (and others in the region also)

Team Building

Fort St. James National Historic Site is the perfect place to bring your team for a retreat, an adventure or a chance to network with friends and colleagues to enhance your organizational success. We’re just a short 90min drive from the City of Prince George, BC and can offer programs on a customized basis or, from a list of possible teambuilding program options already available. Our facilities in May-September include a full service cafe for 20-30 people, a multi media theatre, 6 period heritage buildings and extensive pastures ideal for special functions, events and more. Our park interpreters are great at bringing a group together, so do contact us if you are interested in putting us to work for your teambuilding needs. A few teambuilding program ideas to get your event planning started:

Carrier Traditional Skills Program (1-2hrs)

  • Get your team throwing, hunting and aiming for success with a look into traditional hunting skills and what it takes to live off of the living resources of the Central interior of BC.
  • Gambling and betting was a part of life for centuries and had the same fun and risks as it carries today. Try your hand at Lahal, Tug O’War or any one of several fun and entertaining competitive activities available.
Moccasin Making Programs (Half or full day)
Programme de confection de mocassins   Moccasin Making Programs
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Available for a half day or a full day option, this program can be adapted to allow for more or less instruction time from our site staff in the intricate ways of making moccasins. Rates vary on products being produced and the length of program and instruction required.

Culinary Delights Program (time varies, depending on product)
  • Get your team working together to bake the best apple pie in New Caledonia over a wood fired stove. Roll up your sleeves and build the pies from scratch.
  • Creative Cookie Competition: see who on your team has the best eye for detail or creative mind when it comes to creating delectable ginger snaps, chocolate chip cookies or other baking delights.
Old Fashioned Games (1-4 hours)
  • Stilts, horseshoes, croquet and old fashioned board games are available on site for self-guided use.
  • A series of games can be built into a competition that can involve activities reminiscent of your time as a kid: egg races, three legged races, sack races, red rover are all possibilities to liven up any meeting and bring out the best in your team.

Historic Site Guided Tours
We can arrange guided tours of our historic buildings year round. Call us for rates and to make a booking.

Please call the historic site and make your plans today, or ask for a quote. Historically fun and exciting birthdays can be loads of fun for children of all ages.

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