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Rogers Pass National Historic Site of Canada

The Place Names of Rogers Pass

Rogers Pass/Mount Rogers

  • named for Major A.B. Rogers, railway surveyor who discovered the pass through the Selkirk Mountains on behalf of the Canadian Pacific Railway

Avalanche Mountain

  • named by Major Rogers for its prominent avalanche paths, and a downhill slide in the snow taken by four of his party members

Mount Macdonald

  • named for Sir John A. Macdonald, first Prime Minister of Canada

Mount Abbott

  • named for Harry Abbott, first general superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway western division

Mount Tupper

  • originally called Mount Hermit, later renamed for Sir Charles Tupper, a father of Confederation

Mount Sir Donald

  • first called Syndicate Peak by Major Rogers, after the Canadian Pacific Railway syndicate, later renamed for Sir Donald A. Smith, Lord Strathcona and Mt Royal, a principle in the railway company

Ross Peak

  • named for James Ross, Canadian Pacific's construction supervisor on the mountain line

Mount Shaughnessy

  • named for Sir Thomas G. Shaughnessy, second president of the Canadian Pacific Railway

Fleming Peak

  • named for Sir Sandford Fleming, the first engineer in chief of the Canadian Pacific Railway

Hermit Mountain

  • originally called Stony Mountain, later renamed when the original Mount Hermit was renamed Mount Tupper

Loop Brook

  • named for the railway line that looped over the creek on trestles in a figure eight pattern, reducing the grade on the line

Connaught Creek/Connaught Tunnel

  • named for Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught, third son of Queen Victoria and Governor General of Canada from 1911 to 1916

Asulkan Valley

  • named for the Shuswap word for mountain goat

Vaux Glacier

  • named for the Vaux family of Philadelphia, early Glacier House guests and pioneers in the science of glacier monitoring

Perley Rock

  • named for Harry A. Perley, the first manager of Glacier House

Mount Green

  • named for Reverend William Spotswood Green, the British alpinist who was the first to attempt climbs in the Selkirks, in 1888

Marion Lake

  • named by Reverend Green for his daughter

Mount Swanzy

  • named for Reverend Henry Swanzy, one of the first two “tourists” to visit the Selkirk Mountains in 1884 before the rail line was complete through Rogers Pass, he later returned to climb with Reverend Green in 1888

Lily Glacier

  • named by Reverend Green for Reverend Swanzy's daughter

Truda Peaks

  • named for Gertrude Benham, one of the first women climbers in the Selkirks

Mount Wheeler

  • named for surveyor and cartographer Arthur O. Wheeler, the first person to produce detailed topographic maps of the Rogers Pass area

Mount Macoun

  • named for Professor John Macoun, the “founder of Canadian botany” and one of the first visitors to Rogers Pass during railway construction

Mount Dawson

  • named for George M. Dawson, director of the Geological Survey of Canada

Hasler Peak

  • named for original Glacier House Swiss guide Christian Hasler

Feuz Peak

  • named for original Glacier House Swiss guide Edward Feuz

Mount Sifton

  • named for Sir Clifford Sifton, Dominion Minister of the Interior

Mount Smart

  • named for James Smart, deputy minister of the Interior