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Fort Langley National Historic Site

Leləm’ at the Fort - Café

Kwantlen First Nation has been supplying food to Fort Langley since the Hudson’s Bay Company trade post was established in 1827. Historically, the Kwantlen brought salmon to trade, which were then salted and shipped to Hawaii. Salmon exports eventually accounted for more profit than furs, and the period could well have been called “the Salmon Trade Era”. Kwantlen people also brought wild cranberries, and helped to harvest potatoes and other farm products.

Now, Seyem Qwantlen Development is supplying food to Fort Langley National Historic Site’s visitors from the new lelem’ Café called ‘leləm’ at the Fort’. General Manager Rocky Nenka is excited to provide historically themed food options for special events, rentals, and daily visitors to the site. A selection of coffees, teas, baked goods and lunches will head the list of offerings.

The café itself is adorned with traditional art hand crafted by First Nations artists, including from the Kwantlen community.


Leləm’ at the Fort is located in the Depot building.

Hours of operation

The café is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm daily.

Closed: December 25th & 26th, and January 1st