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Transcript for Fort Langley – a family experience

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[acoustic music]

[Timelapse of the sun rising over the walls of Fort Langley]

[The camera zooms out from the door of an oTENTik as the family steps out smiling and waving]

[Two young children walk down a path lined with bushes]

[A close up of the Hudson Bay Company flag]

[Close up of a young boy raising the flag]

[A medium shot of the flag being raised on top of the pole]

[The camera zooms out from the barrel of a musket, a costumed interpreter is holding it]

[A close up of a young girl attempting to lift the musket up]

[A medium shot of the young boy holding the musket up]

[A medium shot of a mother smiling with her hand on the young girl's shoulder]

[Over the shoulder shot of the costumed interpreter holding the musket]

[The interpreter fires the musket, a cloud of smoke appears]

[The camera is lifted out of the water and we see the young family gold panning]

[Mother and daughter lift up the pan to see if there is gold in it]

[The young boy is seen inspecting his pan for gold]

[Camera zooms out from the blacksmith's forge, charcoal is seen smouldering]

[The two children blow on a straw pile to ignite the fire]

[Shot of the bellows being pumped]

[Close up of the blacksmith's tools]

[Blacksmith is seen hammering a rod freshly out from the forge]

[An overhead shot of the rod being hammered on the anvil]

[Transition to an overhead shot of a barrel. A hand traces a circle around it]

[Costumed interpreter is seen smiling and instructing the children on assembling a barrel]

[The two children hold pieces of the barrel to put together]

[The camera zooms out from the muzzle of a bear rug]

[The two children are examining furs in the storehouse]

[Quick shot of the young girl smiling while her brother is looking at the exhibit]

[Young boy is seen looking at a loom as his sister enters]

[A shot from the other side as the young girl reaches into a bowl]

[Close up of the mother taking a picture]

[The young girl smiles as she puts on a beaver fur top hat]

[Quick shot of the mother and daughter together as the mother points off into the distance]

[Camera zooms out from a close up of a goat]

[The young boy and girl smile and look affectionately at a small bunny]

[The young boy feeds a goat from his hand]

[The family walks out from a wooden doorway]

[The young boy and girl walk out on the fort bastion]

[The family looks out at the fort]

[Timelapse of the fort disappearing in fog]

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