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Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site


Imagine the whirring of the old mechanical salmon canning line as it churned out clattering tin cans more than 100 years ago in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. Play “Go Fish” on a modern trawler in an interactive wheelhouse. Get scaly working on the sliming table. Learn about sustainable seafood at the cannery’s annual “Best Catch” festival. Punch in your time card at an antique time clock like the cannery workers did in the past.

Featured Activities

Canning Line
Immerse yourself from net to can on “Fishy Business”
Amid the smell of salmon and machine oil, workers toiled through history at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. Hear their stories, work the sliming table and experience the West Coast industrial legacy of “Fishy Business.”
Best Catch Sustainable Seafood Festival
The “Best Catch” Sustainable Seafood Festival
Discover how to lessen your impact on the world’s oceans at the “Best Catch” Sustainable Seafood Festival. Get interactive with modern fishing methods and find out how local marine species are caught before they’re cooked.

Other Activities