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Exploring the Bar U Ranch

  Bar U Ranch Site Map
Bar U Ranch Site Map © Parks Canada

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Businessmen, cattle, Natives, princes, women, children, percherons, polo ponies, cowboys - they have all played a part in the unique story of the Bar U Ranch.

One of the first and most enduring of the large corporate ranches established in the 1880s, the Bar U Ranch was chosen to commemorate the history of the ranching industry in Canada.

Follow the story of the Bar U Ranch through seven decades of change, from 1882 to 1950.

Wander the site on foot or take a wagon ride. Explore the ranch headquarters. Visit the many historic buildings and learn about the people who made the Bar U one of the most famous ranches of its time.

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

Sit in a saddle and imagine what 12 hours of riding the range felt like. Try roping our steers - it's not easy, even when they don't move. Immerse yourself in the stories of ranching pioneers: fortunes made and lost, cattle-killing winters and massive round-ups.

The Bar U Ranch is the only National Historic Site in Canada that commemorates the history of ranching.

At its largest, the Bar U Ranch encompassed almost seven townships of deeded and leased land: 157,000 acres or 63,184 hectares.

Today the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site is located on 367 acres or 148.43 hectares of the original Bar U headquarters and surrounding rangeland. The majority of former Bar U leases are still in use by neighbouring ranchers.

Parks Canada and Friends of the Bar U Historic Ranch Association work together to protect, preserve and present the many historic buildings and landscape features of the ranch for generations to come.

Group Tour Adventures and curriculum-based Educational Programs are available on a reservation basis.