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Two Kayakers  Ground Squirrel  Landscape with foothills
© Parks Canada


Many people contributed to this report. We wish to acknowledge them for their commitment to the project, and their timely and enthusiastic response to our requests.

Reports on research and monitoring activities were provided by Parks Canada staff including: Christine Aikens, Jacquie Bastick, Christian Bucher, Cathy Cockney, Roberta Hartman, J-P Kors, Ron Larsen, Natasha Lyons, James McCormick, Ian McDonald, Ed McLean, Tom Naughten, Steve Travis and Joanne Tuckwell. Information on research and monitoring activities was provided to Parks Canada by: Kevin Bill of the Fisheries Joint Management Committee, Dorothy Cooley of the Yukon Department of Environment, Paul Copper of Laurentian University, Cameron Eckert of the Yukon Department of Environment, Evan Edinger of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Lois Harwood of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Monique Lapalme of Environment Canada, John Nagy and Marsha Branigan of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development, Pamela Sinclair of the Canadian Wildlife Service, Steve Solomon of the Geological Survey of Canada, Randy Wedel of Environment Canada, and Donald Walker and Martha Raynolds of the Institute of Arctic Biology (University of Alaska).

Photos were provided by: Parks Canada, Christine Aikens, Jacquie Bastick, Marsha Branigan, Christian Bucher, Cathy Cockney, Dorothy Cooley, Paul Copper, Cameron Eckhert, Evan Edinger, Lois Harwood, Karsten Heuer, Brian Johnston, Martin Kienzler, Ron Larsen, Wayne Lynch, James McCormick, Ian McDonald, John Nagy, Joachim Obst, Martha Raynolds, Steve Solomon and Steve Travis.