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Komakuk Beach Clean-up Monitoring


Komakuk Beach 1999.
Komakuk Beach 1999.

The BAR-1 Distant Early Warning (DEW) line station at Komakuk Beach was closed in 1993 as part of a general closure of the DEW line. The site will become part of Ivvavik National Park after a clean-up was conducted 1999 and 2000. The clean-up involved demolishing buildings, excavating contaminated soil, remediating an area where fuel was spilled, collecting debris, excavating three landfills and closing a fourth landfill. A landfill and hydrocarbon spill monitoring program will be developed by the Department of National Defence (DND) in cooperation with the Inuvialuit Land Administration (ILA) and Parks Canada Agency. In addition to this monitoring program, Parks Canada Agency photographed the site in the summer of 2001 to document the revegetation of the clean-up area.


  • To document the rate and extent of vegetation growth at the clean-up site.
  • To develop and implement a landfill and fuel spill monitoring program for the site.

Methods and Information Collected

  • Komakuk Beach is located on the Yukon North Slope at 69° 35' 53" N; 140° 11' 00" W.
  • In 2001, photopoints were established at 6 different sites in the clean-up area to monitor the regrowth of vegetation.
  • Thirty-eight photographs were taken.

Years of Data

  • 1999 - 2001


  • Department of National Defence
  • Inuvialuit Land Administration
Komakuk Beach in 2001.
Komakuk Beach in 2001.


  • Photographs of the site will be used to determine the extent and rate of vegetation growth at the site. A report describing how the site was photographed will be produced.
  • A monitoring program for the landfills and fuel spill area are currently being developed by Parks Canada Agency, the Department of National Defence and the Inuvialuit Land Administration.