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Monitoring - Cultural Resources

Ivvavik Coast Cultural Resources Monitoring


A windbreak on the coast.
A windbreak on the coast.

There are concerns that erosion is damaging and completely washing away cultural sites along the coast of Ivvavik National Park. The impact of coastal erosion on these sites may increase in the future if climate change increases the size and frequency of storms in the Beaufort Sea. Monitoring of cultural sites along the coast of Ivvavik National Park is conducted to assess the possible impact of erosion on coastal sites, to monitor the impact of erosion on these sites and to recommend actions to protect these sites and their artifacts.


  • To assess the impact of erosion on cultural resources along the coast of Ivvavik National Park.
  • To develop a monitoring strategy for sites at risk to erosion.
  • To recommend actions to protect cultural sites and artifacts at sites that are in danger of being lost.

Methods and Information Collected

  • Cultural resources along the Ivvavik coast are monitored every 2 years. The next site assessment will be in 2002.
  • Initial surveys of cultural sites in Ivvavik National Park were conducted in 1987 and in 1997. Approximately 20 of these sites are along the coast. Twelve of these sites were visited in 2000 to determine their condition and to develop methods for monitoring them.
  • The condition of the site in 2000 was described. This description was compared with descriptions from 1987 and 1997.
  • Threats to the sites and their artifacts were identified.
  • Photographs were taken of the main features of each site. These photographs were compared with existing pictures of the site to determine if any changes had taken place.
  • Measurements were taken at sites most threatened by erosion. These measurements will be used to determine how quickly the site is eroding.


The name and location of the cultural sites monitored along the coast of Ivvavik National Park.
Site Number Traditional Name/Location Site Coordinates
30Y48 (82Y) Niaqulik 690 14' 58" N/1380 29' 15" W
30Y61 (85Y) Qargialuk 690 29' 06" N/1390 05' 10" W
30Y64 (83Y) (Paul Kayotuk's place) 690 27' 56" N/1390 04' 06" W
30Y64 (84Y) (Wilson Suplu, Charlie Gordon/Daniel Kapuk's place) 690 27' 50" N/1390 03' 45" W
30Y90 (69Y) Nunaaluk Spit 690 34' 40" N/1390 33' 50" W
30Y78 (68Y) Nunaaluk village, Shinikruaq 690 36' 02" N/1390 47' 11" W
30Y96 Clarence Lagoon 690 37' 54" N/1400 50' 50" W
30Y97 (74Y) Hudson Bay post, Clarence Lagoon 690 36' 59" N/1400 45' 34" W
30Y113 (76Y) Clarence Lagoon 690 56' 34" N/1400 48' 55" W
30Y59 Roland Bay 600 23' 13" N/1380 53' 15" W
30Y57 (36Y) Umiak site 690 21' 40" N/1380 48' 10" W
30Y56 (91Y) Near Stokes Point DEW Line station 690 20' 25" N/1380 45' 10" W

Years of Data

  • 1987 and 1997
  • 12 sites monitored in 2000


  • Many of the 12 sites are subject to some erosion.
  • Four of the sites were damaged during a storm on August 10, 2000.
  • A decision was made to monitor the sites every 2 years in order to provide frequent updates about their condition.
  • Decisions about attempting to prevent the sites from eroding or allowing them to be destroyed will have to be made. These decisions will be made in consultation with the Inuvialuit.
  • A salvage project was completed in 2001 at Niaqulik to document and recover artifacts from this site (see Niaqulik Archaeology Salvage Project on page 15). This site had 2 remaining sod houses that were likely to be destroyed by erosion.


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