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This report is the product of contributions from many people. We wish to acknowledge them for their commitment to the project, and their timely and enthusiastic response to our requests for project reports.

Reports on research and monitoring activities were provided by Parks Canada Agency staff including: Herbert Allen, Christian Bucher, Cathy Cockney, Karsten Heuer, Mervin Joe, Jocelyne Leger, James McCormick, Ian McDonald, Angus Simpson, Jennifer Shaw, Terry Skjonsberg and Steve Travis. Information on research and monitoring activities were provided to Parks Canada Agency by: John Nagy of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development, Dorothy Cooley of Yukon Renewable Resources, Randy Wedel of Environment Canada, Pat Kyle of Environment Canada, Steve Solomon of the Geological Survey of Canada, Sam Stephenson of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ed McLean of the Fisheries Joint Management Committee, Jean Veillette of the Geological Survey of Canada, and Scott Lamoureux and Brandon Beierle of Queens University.

Photos were provided by: Parks Canada Agency, Brandon Beierle, Cathy Cockney, Karsten Heuer, Stefan Himmer, Wayne Lynch, James McCormick, Ian McDonald, Ed McLean, Joachim Obst, Angus Simpson, Steve Travis and Jean Veillette.