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Pingo Canadian Landmark

History and Culture

Muktuk and Dryfish drying in Tuktoyaktuk
Muktuk and Dryfish drying in Tuktoyaktuk
© Parks Canada / James McCormick, July 2002

For generations, Inuvialuit have lived, traveled, and harvested food along this area of the Arctic coast. The term "pingo" is derived from the Inuvialuktun word "pingu", for hill. Inuvialuit hunters have known these hills for centuries, using them as a vantage point from which to search the surrounding area for wild game and passing whales. As well, Pingo Canadian Landmark is a traditional hunting ground for migrating waterfowl such as tundra swans, white-fronted geese, brant, and a variety of duck species, and is an important area for fishing.

Local residents also benefit economically from the increasing number of tourists coming to the area to visit the landmark.