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Pingo Canadian Landmark

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Pingos in autumn
Pingos in autumn
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Pingo Canadian Landmark lies on the shore of the Beaufort Sea, 5 kilometers west of the community of Tuktoyaktuk and 137 kilometers (82 miles) north of the town of Inuvik. Inuvik is the largest community in the region and is serviced daily by scheduled aircraft from southern Canada. The closest Park Canada office is in Inuvik.




Visitors on Boardwalk 
Visitors at the circular platform
© Parks Canada  

 In the summer of 2009, construction of a panoramic boardwalk at the Pingo Canadian Landmark was completed.  The boardwalk is an amazing structure that spans about 429 meters in length from the boat dock and ends at a circular platform that provides the perfect viewing and photographic opportunity to the largest Pingo in Canada, Ibyuk.

For more information on tours offered in the summer of 2011, please contact Parks Canada at (867) 777-8800.



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