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Pingo Canadian Landmark


Clouds building over pingos
Clouds building over pingos
© Parks Canada / Elisa Hart, 2000


In summer or winter, temperatures can drop suddenly and storm fronts move in quickly. Bring appropriate clothing for wet, dry, warm, and cold conditions.

Biting Insects

Mosquitoes and black flies can be very bothersome in the Landmark, especially on hot, humid, and windless days. Bring sufficient insect repellent, and a bug jacket or bug hat.


Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) inhabit this part of the arctic coast. Though uncommon, an encounter with a bear is a possibility. When hiking in the landmark, travel in a group, stay alert, and watch for fresh signs of bear activity. Advertise your presence by calling out, singing, or talking loudly, especially near streams and in dense shrub vegetation. If you encounter large dead animals, leave the area immediately.

If you wish to learn more about traveling in bear habitat, we recommend that you read the brochure You are in Bear Country available through the Park Office in Inuvik. Another excellent resource is the video Staying Safe in Bear Country available for viewing at the Inuvik Park Office.

Learn how to avoid bear encounters and carry bear spray with you when hiking in the area. Please note that firearms are prohibited within Pingo Canadian Landmark.

Uneven Terrain

The tundra may appear flat from a distance, but the uneven surface, filled with hummocks, cracks and large crevices, can make hiking difficult.