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Pingo Canadian Landmark

Accessing the Landmark

Map of Pingo Canadian Landmark
Pingo Canadian Landmark and Region
© Parks Canada
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Pingo Canadian Landmark is located 5 kilometers (3 miles) west of the hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk.  A number of companies also offer air charter services to the hamlet (see below). In winter, a seasonal ice road connects Tuktoyaktuk to the Dempster Highway at Inuvik.

Fixed-wing Aircraft Companies:

Aklak Air
Box 1190
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
X0E 0T0
Tel: (867) 777-3777
Fax: (867) 777-3388

North-Wright Air Ltd.
Bag Service 2200
Norman Wells, Northwest Territories
X0E 0V0
Tel: (867) 587-2288
Fax: (867) 587-2962

Helicopter Companies:

Canadian Helicopters
Box 2689
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
X0E 0T0
Tel: (867) 777-2424
Fax: (867) 777-3448

Highland North Helicopters
Box 2510
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
X0E 0T0
Tel: (867) 777-5151
Fax: (867) 777-3758

Gwich'in Helicopters
Box 3100
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
X0E 0T0
Tel: (867) 678-2270
Fax: (867) 678-2271
Cell: (867) 678-0270

Map of Pingo Canadian Landmark and Region
Pingo Canadian Landmark
© Parks Canada
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There are currently no facilities, such as washrooms, shelters, and garbage cans, within Pingo Canadian Landmark. For that reason and due to the harsh environment and the variability of the weather it is recommended that visitors arrange a tour with a local outfitter. Guided tours by boat are available from licensed outfitters, and canoes can be rented from a number of sources in Tuktoyaktuk. Contact the Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk (see address below) for a list of outfitters and tour operators.


Snow-covered pingo
Snow-covered pingo
© Parks Canada

In winter, a local snowmobile tour of the area offers a unique look at the arctic tundra.


As mentioned above, accessing Pingo Canadian Landmark by foot is possible but offers many challenges. From the end of the hamlet road, hikers can enter the landmark by walking south along the shoreline of the inland waters. Walking can be difficult here due to the uneven terrain. When the tide is low, it is possible to follow the gravel ocean shoreline into the landmark. However, water levels fluctuate as the tide rises and falls. An hour-long walk at low tide could take three hours when the tide comes in, resulting in significant detours.


Pingo Canadian Landmark is most easily accessed by boat. Licensed outfitters in Tuktoyaktuk offer guided motorboat service to the Landmark. Canoes can also be rented in Tuktoyaktuk.

Traveling by motorboat from Tuktoyaktuk to the Landmark takes approximately 20 minutes. Part of the route is exposed to the open waters of the Beaufort Sea, so rough conditions or fog may occur with little notice.

It takes a little as ten minutes to paddle to the landmark from the sheltered waters that mark its boundary. However, rough conditions can occur even in these protected waters, as can daily fluctuations in water levels, depending on the tide and wind conditions.

Pingo Etiquette

When the ice core of a pingo is exposed to the sun, it starts to melt and the pingo begins to collapse. Any activity that wears away the protective vegetation covering a pingo speeds up this process.

  • In order to protect the sensitive habitat and fragile structure of the pingos, all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles are not permitted on the pingos.

For centuries this area has been and continues to be used by Inuvialuit for hunting and harvesting. Please walk with care:

  • avoid disturbing cultural sites in the landmark, they may not always be evident at first glance; and
  • be aware that Inuvialuit beneficiaries may be hunting and harvesting within the area. Please ensure that your activity does not disturb them.

Outfitters and Licensed Guides

Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk

P.O. Box 120
Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories
X0E 1C0
Tel: (867) 977-2286