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Pingo Canadian Landmark

Ibyuk Pingo
Pingo Canadian Landmark protects a unique arctic landform: ice-cored hills called pingos. Rising out of the flat tundra, these hills provide a distinctive backdrop to the community of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. Pingo Canadian Landmark features eight of the 1350 pingos found in the region including Ibyuk Pingo, Canada's highest. Reaching 49 metres (160 feet) in height and stretching 300 metres (984 feet) across its base, Ibyuk is also the world's second-tallest pingo.

For centuries, pingos have acted as navigational aides for Inuvialuit travelling by land and water and as a convenient height of land for spotting caribou on the tundra or whales offshore.
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Pingo Canadian Landmark lies on the shore of the Beaufort Sea, 5 kilometers west of the community of Tuktoyaktuk and 137 kilometers (82 miles) north of the town of Inuvik.