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Columbia Mountains

Columbia Mountains

Avalanche Pass, Galcier National Park
Avalanche Pass, Glacier National Park


... station and Hotel are within thirty minutes' walking distance of the Illecillewaet Glacier, from which, at the left, Sir Donald (10,808 ft.) rises a naked and abrupt pyramid ....

From an early CPR tourist brochure describing Galcier House amid the "Alps of North America"


A vertical world of narrow valleys and canyons squeezed between sheer mountain walls. This region has up to 23 metres of snowfall each year, triggering avalanches and spawning glaciers and icefields. In the north and central areas, the ranges are wild, jagged and spectacularly rugged, contrasting with the rounded tamer summits, forested to the top, that prevail in the south.

Hot springs are a feature of the major valleys.


This is interior rain forest country. The region has the greatest diversity of coniferous tree species in Canada, and the productivity of its forests is surpassed only by the coastal rain forests.

At low to middle elevations are luxuriant forests of western red cedar and western hemlock. Alpine larch adds a splash of gold to the uniform green-black of the forest in autumn.

Mount Revelstoke National Park
Mount Revelstoke National Park

Above the wet forest, dense stands of Engelmann spruce, alpine fir and lodgepole pine predominate up to the alpine tundra. A brilliant palette of colour - Indian paintbrush, lupine, arnica and other species - paint the lush green alpine meadows with burning red, fiery orange, electric blue ....


National Parks System Plan, 3 rd Edition

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