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National Historic Sites of the Mountain Parks


Number 1
April 2005

Your Input is Important

The success of the planning process will improve with the participation of Aboriginal communities, stakeholder groups, and the public. Parks Canada would like to receive comments as early as possible in the planning process. The first stage, already underway, consists of assessing issues and opportunities and identifying sources of information.

Consultation on the future of 15 national historic sites spread over such a large area is not without its challenges. Current plans call for meetings in the communities of Jasper and Banff to bring together people interested in one or more of the sites. Planning staff also intend to meet with individuals or organizations to seek their suggestions and advice. Everyone who expresses an interest will have a chance to comment on the draft management plans.

Parks Canada will also use the Internet to raise the profile of these national historic sites and to post planning documents as they are prepared. The documents will appear on the website of the appropriate national park.

Management planning will proceed in stages, starting in the spring of 2005 with the national historic sites in Jasper. Once consultation and draft plans are underway, the planning team will begin work on the sites in Banff and Yoho.

Parks Canada will contact every person and organization that has expressed an interest to provide details about opportunities for ongoing involvement in shaping the future of the national historic sites.

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About Planning?
Rod Pickard
Park Planner,
National Historic Sites, Mountain
Parks Parks Canada
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Phone: 403 760-1324
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About Consultation?
Glenn Webber
Public Consultation Officer
Parks Canada
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Father De Smet on dogsled by H.J. Warre.
Father De Smet on dogsled by H.J. Warre.
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