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National Historic Sites of the Mountain Parks


Number 1
April 2005

Issues and Opportunities Introduction

Engaging Individuals and Groups

  • Working with others is an important part of doing business in the mountain parks. National historic sites enjoy pockets of individual support at the local and community level. A major success factor in protecting and presenting national historic sites of the mountain parks is the forging of stronger partnerships with a variety of individuals and organizations. There are real opportunities for raising the profile and enhancing the protection of cultural resources by working closely with Aboriginal peoples, provinces, municipal governments, local communities, tourism operators. volunteers, business, educators and heritage organizations.

Protecting and Maintaining Cultural Resources

  • Environmental factors, visitor use, and natural deterioration all affect cultural resources. The conservation of these resources is fundamental to the protection and presentation of each national historic site. Parks Canada has taken recent action to repair the Banff Park Museum and Jasper Information Centre. While progress has been made, much remains to be done (e.g., repair of the concrete foundation at the Jasper Park Information Centre).

Presenting National Historic Site Messages

  • By sharing stories, Canadians gain a greater appreciation and understanding of national historic sites and their place in Canada's history. Improving the way these stories are told is a key priority. While there are a number of challenges (e.g., remote sites such as Howse Pass, sites with few tangible resources), there are real opportunities to work with others to strengthen in this area.

Awareness and Site Promotion

  • These 15 national historic sites are located in some of the most popular national parks in Canada. Large captive audiences and active park communities offer the opportunity to build a greater awareness of national historic sites. Stakeholders also pointed to the need to invest in improving the products used to build that awareness.
Historic Sites and Monuments Plaque for Jasper House National Historic Site on Highway 16 in Jasper National Park.
Historic Sites and Monuments Plaque for Jasper House National Historic Site on Highway 16 in Jasper National Park.
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