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National Historic Sites of the Mountain Parks


Number 1
April 2005


The consultation process begins by working with Canadians to craft a vision that rests on the three ‘legs' of the management planning framework:

  • Protection - safeguarding the physical aspects of a site, including its cultural and natural resources;
  • Education - helping Canadians understand the value of a site and why it is of national significance;
  • Visitor Experience - the choice of experiences, activities and services that encourage people to learn about protected heritage areas and contribute to conserving Canada's cultural heritage.

The vision, along with an analysis of the current state of protection, education and programs for visitors, will help Parks Canada identify key objectives and actions for the next five years.

Parks Canada Image at Cave and Basin.
Painting on the wall at Cave and Basin showing the early discovery of the mineral spring.
© Parks Canada


The first stage of the consultation process began in July 2004 with a letter to fifty-one stakeholders known to be interested in these national historic sites. The letter posed three questions.

Question 1: Do you have questions or concerns related to the preparation of management plans for the national historic sites in the mountain national parks?

Stakeholder Response

Respondents generally welcomed the invitation to participate, and appreciated the opportunity to be involved early in the process.

Question 2: Are there any issues or concerns you think the management plan should address?

Stakeholder Response

Responses to this question stressed the need to promote greater awareness of the national historic sites and communicate their significance to the public. While they recognized opportunities for presenting historic site messages may be limited, respondents mentioned the need for improvements to media and communication programs.

Question 3: Are you interested in being involved during the process of preparing the plan? How would you like to be involved?

Stakeholder Response

“Yes,” was the overwhelming response to this question. Some respondents expressed interest in multiple historic sites while others had a specific interest in one site only.