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You Have a Role to Play

The consumption of fossil fuels and resulting emissions - anywhere on earth - contributes to the global build-up of GHGs. Thus, your decision whether to drive a car or take public transport has implications for the Earth's climate. Each of us produces about five tonnes of GHGs per year. Our everyday activities account for about one quarter of Canada's total emissions.

All of us can reduce our GHG emissions. For a start, you can calculate your own GHG emissions by using the Climate Change Calculator.

Some actions you can take to reduce energy consumption:

  • At home: Reduce your household waste. Install and use a programmable thermostat.
  • At work: Reuse and recycle paper and other material. Turn off computers and office lights when not in use.
  • On the road: Don't idle your car. Check your tire pressure once a month.
  • At play: Use non-motorized forms of recreation (Take a hike! Ride a bike! Use a canoe, kayak or a sailboat instead of a powerboat).

You may also wish to support a conservation organization involved in reducing GHG emissions. Such organizations include: