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World Heritage: Canada

Periodic Report on the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention

As a country that has ratified the World Heritage Convention, Canada is required to submit a report to the World Heritage Committee describing how it is implementing the Convention. The “periodic report” consists of Section I, an overview of Canada’s legislation, policies and programs for protecting and presenting natural and cultural heritage, and Section II, a series of reports on the current conditions of the existing World Heritage Sites in Canada. The purpose of this report, as determined by the World Heritage Committee, is:

  • to provide an assessment of the application of the World Heritage Convention by the State Party;
  • to provide an assessment as to whether the World Heritage values of the properties inscribed on the World Heritage List are being maintained over time;
  • to provide up-dated information about the World Heritage properties to record the changing circumstances and state of conservation of the properties;
  • to provide a mechanism for regional co-operation and exchange of information and experiences between States Parties concerning the implementation of the Convention and World Heritage conservation.

In addition to the reports mentioned above, Canada is required to submit a joint report with the United States, describing implementation of the World Heritage Convention in North America.

As Canada’s representative for the World Heritage Convention, Parks Canada has been leading the project to prepare the periodic report. This has included working in partnership with provincial government officials in British Columbia, Alberta and Québec and with municipal government officials in Québec City and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to prepare the Section I (national) and Section II (site-specific) reports. It has also included working cooperatively with the United States National Park Service - the US representative for the World Heritage Convention - to prepare the North American Regional Report.

Canada’s periodic report must be submitted to the World Heritage Committee’s secretariat in December 2004, so that the Committee can discuss it in 2005. If you would like to read and comment on the draft report, you may do so by selecting from the links below and submitting written comments to The deadline for submitting comments is October 22, 2004.