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104th Regiment (E), NB War of 1812, march from Fredericton to Kingston and Fort George in 1813
Action at Butler's Farm (E), ON War of 1812, Americans defeated by Indian allies in 1813
Admiralty House (S), NS Exceptional 1819 Palladian-style naval residence
Alaska Highway (E), BC Joint United States-Canada defence project, 1941-43, Dawson Creek to Fairbanks
American Military Presence in Newfoundland (E), NF Commemorates American bases in Newfoundland during World War II
Amherstburg Navy Yard (S), ON Site of British naval yard, 1796-1813; War of 1812
Artillery Park (S), QC Important complex of 18th- and 19th-century defence structures
Attack at Grand-Pré (E), NS French and Indian capture of Grand-Pré in 1747
Barker, Lieutenant Colonel William George "Billy",V.C. (P), MB Renowned and decorated serviceman, leading air ace
Batoche (S), SK Métis village, site of 1885 Battle of Batoche
Battle Hill (S), ON Site of Battle of the Longwoods, 1814,War of 1812
Battle of Beaver Dams (S), ON Site of 1813 British victory (Laura Secord), Battle of Beechwoods; War of 1812
Battle of Chippawa (S), ON Site of 1814 battle,War of 1812
Battle of Cook's Mills (S), ON Site of British victory, War of 1812
Battle of Crysler's Farm (S), ON Site of one of decisive battles of War of 1812
Battle of Eccles Hill (S), QC Foiled Fenian invasion, 1870
Battle of Fort George (E), ON War of 1812, capture of Fort George by Americans, 1813
Battle of Île-aux-Noix (E), QC War of 1812, American sloops Eagle and Growler captured, 1813
Battle of Lacolle (S), QC Defence against American attack, 1814; War of 1812
Battle of Lundy's Lane (S), ON Site of bloodiest battle of War of 1812
Battle of Montmorency (S), QC Site of 1759 battle, Montcalm defeated Wolfe
Battle of Odelltown (E), QC Last battle of the 1837-38 Rebellion
Battle of Petitcodiac (E), NB French victory over British in Acadia, 1755
Battle of Rivière des Prairies/Battle of Coulée Grou (S), QC Site of 1690 battle between French and Iroquois
Battle of September 6th, 1775 (S), QC British victory over invading Americans, 1775
Battle of Signal Hill (E), NF Last battle of the Seven Years' War in North America, 1762
Battle of Stoney Creek (S), ON Site of British victory,War of 1812
Battle of the Cedars (S), QC 1776 British victory over invading American army
Battle of the Châteauguay (S), QC Site of 1813 battle in defence of Lower Canada,War of 1812
Battle of the Lake of Two Mountains (S), QC Site of defeat of Iroquois by French, 1689
Battle of the Restigouche (S), QC Site of last naval battle in Seven Years'War
Battle of the Windmill (S), ON Attempted mission foiled, 1838
Battle of Trois-Rivières (S), QC Site of British victory over American troops, 1776
Bay Street Drill Hall (S), BC Fortress-like World War I drill hall, 1914-15
Beaumont-Hamel (S), France Represents Newfoundland's accomplishment, contribution and sacrifice in World War I
Bishop,William Avery "Billy",V.C. (P), ON World War I flying ace, awarded Victoria Cross
Bloody Creek (S), NS Site of two French-English battles, 1711 and 1757
Bois Blanc Island Blockhouse (S), ON 1839 wooden blockhouse, built after 1837 Rebellion
Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse (S), ON Round stone light tower, 1837
Bridge Island/Chimney Island (S), ON War of 1812 naval station
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (E), ON Schools established across Canada to train Commonwealth airmen in World War II
Burlington Heights (S), ON War of 1812 site
Butler's Barracks (S), ON Complex represents 150 years of military history
Butler's Rangers (E), ON Loyalist force that raided American frontier, 1777-83
Canadians and the Normandy Landing (E), France Successful capture of Juno Beach by Canadian sailors, soldiers and airmen
Capitulation of Montréal (E), QC Surrender of Montréal in 1760
Capture of Detroit (E), ON War of 1812, surrender of Detroit to General Brock
Capture of the Ohio and Somers (E), ON War of 1812, capture of two United States warships on Lake Erie, 1814
Capture of the Tigress and Scorpion (E), ON War of 1812, capture of two United States warships in 1814 on Georgian Bay
Carbonear Island (E), NF Defence of English settlements against French attacks in 1697 and 1705
Carillon Barracks (S), QC Early 19th-century stone military building
Carleton Martello Tower (S), NB Fortification built to defend Saint John during War of 1812
Castle Hill (S), NF 17th- and 18th-century French and British fortifications
Cathcart Tower (S), ON Mid 19th-century British imperial masonry fortifications
Cemetery of Heroes (S), QC Final resting place of more than 1,000 French, British, Canadian and Aboriginal soldiers and officers
Collins, Enos (P), NS Privateer and entrepreneur, important role in development of Halifax
Cosby, Admiral Phillips (P), NS Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy in the Mediterranean (1786-90)
Coteau-du-Lac (S), QC 18th-century transportation and defence structures
Currie, Sir Arthur William (P), ON Commander of the Canadian Corps in 1914, first General in the Canadian Army
d'Anville's Encampment (S), NS French expedition to retake Louisbourg, 1746
d'Iberville, Pierre Le Moyne (P), QC Famous soldier of New France, raided English posts (1688-97)
de Salaberry House (S), QC Palladian-style manor of Charles-Michel D'Irumberry de Salaberry, hero of War of 1812
De Salaberry, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles-Michel d'Irumberry (P), QC Commanded the Voltigeur Corps in the War of 1812
De Verchères, Madeleine (P), QC Defended "The Family Fort in Verchères"from attacking Iroquois in 1692
Defence of the Châteauguay Ford (E), QC War of 1812, 1813 battle in defence of the ford at Châteauguay
Defence of York (E), ON War of 1812, commemorates defenders of York
Diefenbunker/Central Emergency Government Headquarters (S), ON Cold war bunker, symbol of nuclear deterrence strategy
Dixson, Thomas (P), NB Soldier, brought reinforcements in 1776 to end siege of Fort Beauséjour
Drummond, Sir Gordon (P), ON Commander of the British Forces in Upper Canada (1813-14); War of 1812
Drury, Sir Charles Carter (P), NB Admiral (1908) in the Royal Navy, Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (1905)

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