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Balmoral Fire Hall (S), ON Rare Queen Anne revival firehall, 1911
Bonsecours Market (S), QC Outstanding mid 19th-century civic building on waterfront
Calgary City Hall (S), AB Imposing civic building in Romanesque revival style
Charlottetown City Hall (S), PE Oldest municipal hall in Prince Edward Island, built in 1888
Château De Ramezay/India House (S), QC Built in 1705 for De Ramezay, Governor of Montréal
Chilliwack City Hall (S), BC Attractive 1912 concrete civic building
Connaught Building (S), ON Tudor Gothic style, 1913-16
Creation of the Province of Alberta (E), AB Province created in 1905
Creation of the Province of British Columbia (E), BC Province created in 1871
Creation of the Province of Manitoba (E), MB Province created in 1870
Creation of the Province of Saskatchewan (E), SK Province created in 1905
Denys, Nicholas (P), NB Trader, colonial promoter, began fishing ports in Acadia
Diefenbunker/Central Emergency Government Headquarters (S), ON Cold war bunker, symbol of nuclear deterrence strategy
Dominion Lands Survey System (E), MB 1871 system determined settlement patterns of Western Canada
Early Land Survey in Ontario (E), ON First four townships in Quinte area, for Loyalist settlers, 1783
Establishment of the Experimental Farm Branch (E) Five experimental farms established by the federal government, 1886
First Canadian House of Assembly (E), NS 1758 meeting was important step in development of democratic government
First Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada (E), ON Session held in 1792, beginnings of representative government in Upper Canada
First Legislature of Manitoba (E), MB First meeting in 1871, after province established in 1870
First Meeting of the Executive Council of Upper Canada (E), ON 1792 meeting with Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe
First Meeting of the New Brunswick Legislature (E), NB 1786 meeting at Mallard House in province created by Loyalist settlement
First Ministry of Health (E), NB Established in 1918, W.F. Roberts, M.D. was first minister
Forestry Farm Park and Zoo (S), SK Important federal contribution to prairie forestation
Former Almonte Post Office (S), ON Early federal architecture in a small community
Former Brockville Post Office (S), ON Symbol of federal government in small community
Former Dominion Archives Building/Canadian War Museum (S), ON First national archives, Tudor Gothic style, built in 1904-06
Former Galt Post Office (S), ON Early federal government small urban post office
Former Geological Survey of Canada Building (S), ON First Ottawa home of Geological Survey of Canada
Former Hamilton Customs House (S), ON Elegant 1858 Italianate customs building
Former Montréal Customs House (S), QC Remains a remarkably fine example of Palladian architecture designed by John Ostell, 1836-38
Former Port Perry Town Hall (S), ON Municipal landmark, 1873
Former Prince Albert City Hall (S), SK Rare surviving 19th-century town hall on Prairies
Former Summerside Post Office (S), PE Early example of federal government presence, 1883-87
Fort Amherst (S), NF Site of 1777 fortifications, St. John's Harbour
Fort Anne (S), NS 1695-1708 fortifications
Fort Langley (S), BC Early 19th-century Hudson's Bay Company post
Fort St. James (S), BC 1806 fur trade post founded by Simon Fraser
Founding of New Brunswick (E), NB Colony of New Brunswick established by Brigadier General Thomas Carleton in 1784
Fourth York Post Office (S), ON Rare 1830s post office/residence, 1832-35
Fredericton City Hall (S), NB 1875-76, multi-functional municipal hall

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