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Alcock Brown Transatlantic Flight (E), NF First non-stop transatlantic flight, 1919, Newfoundland to Ireland
Alexander Graham Bell (S), NS Commemorates famous inventor
Algoma Central Engine House (S), ON First in Canada to have internal turntable, 1912
Ayling and Reid Flight (E), ON First flight from mainland of Canada to England, 1934
Backhouse Grist Mill (S), ON One of the oldest and best-preserved small water-powered establishments
Baldwin, Frederick Walker "Casey"(P), NS Engineer, worked with A.G. Bell, designed aircraft and hydrofoil
Beauharnois Power Development (S), QC Economically and technologically important, 1929-32
Beechey Island Sites (S), NU Related to 19th-century Arctic exploration
Bell Homestead (S), ON Location of important events in Alexander Graham Bell's life
Bluenose (E), NS Famous Canadian schooner, has become national symbol
Bouchette, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph (P), QC Surveyor General of Lower Canada (1804-41), author and mapmaker
Brooks Aqueduct (S), AB Landmark irrigation project built by Canadian Pacific Railway in 1912-14
Building of the St. Clair Tunnel (E), ON First underwater tunnel in North America, 1889-91
By, Lieutenant-Colonel John (P), ON Military engineer, built the Rideau Canal (1826-32), Ottawa to Kingston
Canal Lake Concrete Arch Bridge (S), ON Early use of concrete in bridge construction
Cap des Rosiers Lighthouse (S), QC Tallest lighthouse in Canada, 112 feet, built in 1858
Cape Breton Newfoundland Cable (E), NS Vital section of first transatlantic cable completed in 1856
Cape Pine Lighthouse (S), NF Early circular cast-iron tower, 1851
Cliff Site (S), ON Site of first French claim to region (De Casson and De Galinée), 1670
Covered Bridges (E) Wood structures built in Eastern Canada
Davie Shipyard (S), QC Historic Canadian shipyard, established in 1829
De Havilland "Beaver"(E), ON Single engine high-wing aircraft developed for bush flying in 1946
Design and Construction of the Victoria Tubular Bridge (E), QC Engineering achievement in the construction of the world's then largest bridge, introduction of steam-powered construction equipment
Deville, Édouard Gaston (P), BC Surveyor General of Canada (1885), introduced technique of photogrammetry
Direct Drive Waterpower (E) Importance of hydraulic power in Canadian history
First Aeroplane Flying in Canada (E), NS Flight of the Silver Dart in 1909, first in the British Empire
First Air Crossing of the Canadian Rockies (E), AB Captain E. C. Hoy flew from Vancouver to Lethbridge in 1919
First Crossing of North America (E), BC Alexander Mackenzie reached the Pacific in 1793
First Eastward Crossing of the Northwest Passage (E), SK 1940-42 Arctic voyage of the St. Roch from Vancouver to Sydney, Nova Scotia
First Marine Compound Engine (E), NB Powered the vessel Reindeer, launched in 1845
First Steam Fog Horn (E), NB Invented by Robert Foulis in 1854, installed on Partridge Island in 1859
First Submarine Telegraph Cable (E), PE First major submarine cable in North America, 1852
Fleming, Sir Sandford (P), ON Railway survey and construction engineer, advocate of Standard Time
Fort Fork (S), AB Starting point of Mackenzie's route to Pacific, 1793
Frobisher Site (S), NU Martin Frobisher habitation and iron smelting, 1576-1578

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