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1954 Voyage of HMCS Labrador (E), NT First navigation of the Northwest Passage by a deep-draft ship
Accommodation (Vessel) (E), QC First steamship in Canada (Montréal-Québec 1809)
Acton Vale Railway Station (Grand Trunk) (S), QC Picturesque with dormer, turret and bellcast roof
Alaska Highway (E), BC Joint United States-Canada Defence Project, 1941-43, Dawson Creek to Fairbanks
Algoma Central Engine House (S), ON First in Canada to have internal turntable, 1912
Athabasca Pass (S), AB Major fur trade transportation route
Athabasca Trail (E), AB 161-km portage, Edmonton to Athabasca River, established in 1875 by Hudson's Bay Company
Atkinson, Joseph E. (P), ON Influential owner and editor of the Toronto Star, philanthropist
Battleford-Swift Current Trail (E), SK Used by Canadian militia to reach Battleford, 1885
Beaubassin/Ancient Indian Portage (E), NB Indian route and link between Acadia and Quebec
Beaver (E), BC First steam vessel on the Pacific Northwest Coast
Belleville Railway Station (Grand Trunk) (S), ON Typical mid 19th-century Grand Trunk design, 1856
Berthier Railway Station (Canadian Pacific) (S), QC Functional and domestic in style, early 1890s
Biggar Railway Station (Grand Trunk Pacific) (S), SK Typical 1910 station, reflects railway impact on West
Boat Encampment (S), BC Key trans-shipment point on Columbia River
Bush Pilots of Canada (E), NT Vital role in charting and developing the Canadian North
Canoe Routes of Canada (E) Transcontinental routes of exploration and trade
Canol Road (E),YT American military project in 1941 to exploit Norman Wells oil fields
Cap des Rosiers Lighthouse (S), QC Tallest lighthouse in Canada, 112 feet, built in 1858
Cape Breton - Newfoundland Cable (E), NS Vital section of first transatlantic cable completed in 1856
Cape Pine Lighthouse (S), NF Early circular cast-iron tower, 1851
Cape Race Lighthouse (S), NF Strategic landfall light on major shipping lane
Cape Spear (S), NF Oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland, 1836
Cariboo Wagon Road (E), BC 700-km road from Yale to Cariboo gold fields, completed in 1865
Carillon Canal (S), QC Operational canal, site of two earlier canals
Cascades Canal (E), QC First constructed by Royal Engineers in 1779-83
Chambly Canal (S), QC Operational canal, nine locks, swing bridges
Chambly Road (E), QC Military route connecting Richelieu River forts with Montréal, 1665
Chaudière Portages (E), QC Part of the main canoe route to Western Canada
Chemin Royal (E), QC Québec-to-Montréal roadway inaugurated King's Highway, 1734
Chilkoot Trail (S), BC Transportation route to Klondike gold fields
Collins' Overland Telegraph (E), BC Intended to link Europe and America via Russia, abandoned in 1867
Completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway (E), BC Last spike driven in 1885, first transcontinental train arrived the next day
Construction of Dundas Street/Governor's Road (E), ON Road from Burlington Bay to Thames River, 1793-94
Construction of Yonge Street (E), ON Begun in 1795, became the main road from Toronto to Georgian Bay
Cornwall Canal (E), ON Constructed in 1834-42 to bypass Long Sault Rapids
Craig's Road (E), QC Direct route from Quebec to New England, built in 1810
Crowsnest Pass (E), AB Canadian Pacific Railway built rail line in 1897, government subsidies led to Crowsnest rates
Dafoe, John Wesley (P), MB Editor-in-chief of Winnipeg Free Press, Canada's role in world affairs
Darlingside (S), ON .1840 wood depot on St. Lawrence River
Davin, Nicholas Flood (P), SK Founded the Regina Leader newspaper (1883), Member of Parliament for West Assiniboia (1887-1900)
Dawson Road (E), MB Land and water route from Lake Superior to Red River, completed in 1871
Dawson to Ashcroft Telegraph Line (E),YT One of the longest and most remote telegraph lines completed over land
Dickins, C. H. "Punch"(P), AB His career as a bush pilot was synonymous with the development of commercial aviation in the Canadian North
Dominion Telegraph (E), SK Line from Lake Superior to Edmonton, 1874-78, important communications link
Eagle Pass (E), BC Last spike on Canadian Pacific Railroad, 1885
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Roundhouse (S), BC Early West Coast railway facility
First Electric Telegraph (E), ON Line from Toronto to Queenston carried first message, 1846
First Railroad in Canada (E), QC Opened in 1836, connected Saint-Jean and Laprairie; Champlain and St. Lawrence Railway
First Railroad in Western Canada (E), MB Line from St. Boniface to United States border, built in 1877-78
First Sault Ste. Marie Canal (E), ON Built in 1797-98 to accommodate Montréal canoes, destroyed in 1814
First Steamship on Lake Ontario (E), ON The Frontenac, launched in 1816, faster travel between Kingston and Toronto
First Submarine Telegraph Cable (E), PE First major submarine cable in North America, 1852
First Transcontinental Train (E), QC Departed from Montréal in 1886, first regular transcontinental service
Fisgard Lighthouse (S), BC First permanent lighthouse on Canada's West Coast
Former Carbonear Railway Station (Newfoundland Railway) (S), NF Representative station of Newfoundland railway system
Former L. J. Shickluna Service Station (S), ON Largely intact, early gas station
Former Newfoundland Railway Headquarters (S), NF 1881 headquarters and terminus of Newfoundland railway system
Fort Benton Fort Macleod Trail (E), AB Until Canadian Pacific Railway built in 1882, main route from Missouri River to south Alberta
Fort Garry Fort Edmonton Trail (E), SK 1,440-km, principal overland route in 19th century
Fraser Canyon Transportation Corridor (E) Main route inland during Gold Rush of 1857-66
Frog Portage (E), SK Important fur trade link between Saskatchewan and Churchill rivers

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